Things to work on

To-do list

  • Contact other organizations and build relationships
    • Community organizations
    • Undergraduate groups
    • Other caucuses
    • State groups
    • National groups
  • Fill out our website with stuff
    • Start writing, sharing things that we like, and take up our space. We begin here without much written history; let’s start writing some for those who come after us.
  • Organize the other caucuses, and organize new caucuses
    • We need to begin training people on how to build strength. Our job is not to run for help from those in charge, but to become helpers ourselves. If others want to start caucuses or help in some way, our job is to be ready to support them.
  • Start identifying problems and write them down
    • We need to look out for each other. Whether someone is being overworked, mistreated, or left out to dry in their department, we can start working with them to help and improve our lives.
  • Outreach to others and build our caucus with people who are interested in seriously investing time to put in work.
    • We cannot advertise our caucus as something to simply sign up for as a mailing list. We need to be willing to be honest and say that being in our caucus means committing at least four hours a month, whether you’re attending meetings or doing something else in that stead.
    • If we’re both honest about the fact that we expect work and consistent in valuing people’s time, we will build a stronger caucus that makes people feel their time is valued. We will also have a stronger caucus more capable of implementing the changes it is interested in.
  • Come up with more ideas! We won’t “solve” racism through our caucus, but there are many ways that we can make a material difference in our time at this University if we put in the energy to think and act.