Welcome to our shiny new website. My hope is that we have a robust and clear set of pages that include whatever we can come up with. Soon, I hope that we have our yearly mission statement, set of meeting practices, agendas, bibliographies of books that we like, lists of movies we wanna recommend, music we like, joint statements of support with other groups, pictures, and creative writing.

This is a WordPress site, and that partly means that it’s geared towards blog-type posts. I think this “post” feature would be useful for us to post commentaries on whatever we want that we’re okay with slowly being pushed down the page. One way to use these is to post about meetings that some of us have so that we keep a record of where our ideas, initiatives, and creations come from. People of color have long had to deal with the violent destruction of their history, be it their art, books, language, land, and bodies. Every thing we save and inscribe somewhere is a push back against the amnesia we are subjected to endlessly.

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