Meeting Minutes: July 15th, 2020

Location: Zoomland / Time: 4:30-5:30pm / Length: One hour

Section numbers will refer to item numbers in the meeting agenda, which you can find here.
Minutes are assembled by the chair from the notes taken at the meeting.

Present: Ric, Tami, Hyunsoo, Lydia


Note taker: Ric

Location: Zoomland / Time: 4:30pm- / Length: 1 hour

1. Introductions, check-in, and agenda approval (15 minutes)

For our check-in question, Lydia asked whether we’d prefer to be a shark or dolphin and why. The answer was in favor of dolphins overall, with one discussion in favor of being a shark (just to add to the mix).

2. Updates (20 minutes)

There was extended discussion of updates surrounding our request for information on the Diversity GE hire in the Grad School. Everyone was very concerned about the fact that our request for information had been ignored.

The discussion around this went ten minutes over time as we discussed our feelings on the issue and what we want to do next. We reached a consensus on the fact that our requests for information are completely reasonable, as is the expectation that we should reply to our question at all. We discussed next steps to take, and will be discussing the matter further on Slack.

3. Organizing methods and horizons (15 minutes)

We went around in a circle and focused our discussion on our preferred way to communicate within the caucus. We discussed how email is the most immediately accessible option, and other apps are further steps removed that we can lose people along the way to. We all agreed that Slack is the most useful tool to keep abreast of conversation, and we also agreed that learning Slack is daunting and presents a hurdle to participating. Our discussion revolved around meditating on the different ways we can keep in touch, especially during a pandemic. We touched on the possibility of creating an unofficial caucus WhatsApp to casually keep in touch.

4. Summer Stuff? (10 minutes)

We went around in a circle again sharing any ideas and preferences for staying in touch over the summer. We discussed the ways that Zoom meetings are exhausting. We discussed how some of us have limited internet access, especially depending where they are located. There was discussion of social events like a caucus movie night, which could either be a movie with BIPOC-related themes or a movie picked for other reasons. We agreed to think about other ways we can stay in touch that aren’t limited to Zoom or screen-based technology.