Meeting Agenda: July 14th, 2020

Location: Zoomland / Time: 4:30pm- / Length: 1 hour

1. Introductions, check-in, and agenda approval (15 minutes)

Context: I’ve expanded this agenda item to spend more time checking in beyond our usual check-in question.

2. Updates (20 minutes)

Context: I’ll update everyone on everything I know that’s relevant to us. Tall order, so I’ll list bullet points here:

  • We sent off our letter petitioning for a response to the UO. We received 739 signatures (!!!) as well as another 25 or so that continued to sign after we’d sent it off. The letter went to the UO President, Provost and Senior VP, the Board of Trustees, the Deans of CAS, the Grad School, of Division of Global Engagement, to the Director of the Mills International Center, to the Department Head of International Studies, to the Vice Provost of International Affairs, to the International Scholarships and Study Abroad Programs Committee Member, and to the SEVIS coordinator.
  • The ICE SVPE changes were rescinded! Now, we continue to be vigilant for the next shape of the assault on migrant workers, as well as fight the ongoing ones.
  • We are in touch with various groups organizing around researching and defunding campus police.
  • We are in touch with X-Campus Covid Response (national grad student working group) as well as IIWSA (International and Immigrant Student Workers Alliance).
  • VP Organizing is looking for caucus members interested in helping to organize Open Forum/Assemblies at the end of July
  • Discussion of the denial of info requests by the University
  • Discussion of GTFF’s labor management meetings
  • Commentary: I think the current GTFF board members that I’ve worked with are doing amazing. I haven’t worked with them all yet, but organizing, equity, communications, operations, and grievances have been incredibly responsive and supportive of what the caucus has needed from them, as well as responding positively to our list of demands. Special shout-out as well to the natural sciences lead steward, who I’ve worked with on a couple of things as well.
3. Organizing methods and horizons (15 minutes)

Context: As the uh, political landscape continues to writhe and twist as it throws fresh junk at us day by day, it would be useful to go over the tools we have for responding to events and how we communicate them. I’ll go over what I mentioned about Slack in the emails, and anything you all have to share would be worthwhile.

4. Summer Stuff? (10 minutes)

Context: In addition to organizing, what else do we want to do in our caucus? I’m down to discuss socializing, but, time permitting, I think it’d be cool to talk about other things like a caucus movie viewing (which we can do over technology), a caucus reading group, things like that. We don’t necessarily have to be limited to the caucus, but we can definitely use this space to plan.