Meeting Minutes: June 15th, 2020

Location: Zoomland / Time: 3-5pm / Length: 100 minutes

Section numbers will refer to item numbers in the meeting agenda, which you can find here.
Minutes are assembled by the chair from the notes taken at the meeting. Proxies can be found in our Google drive folder.

Present: Ric, Audrey, Hyunsoo, Frankie, Rosa, Abram, Joel

Proxies: Joel

Note taker: Ric

We agreed to conduct all votes for this proposal over email. The procedure will be as follows: after the minutes have been sent to all members and our caucus statement has been edited to reflect comments at our meeting, we will open a voting window that lasts a minimum of 48 hours. The voting window may be extended if people indicate they need more time, or if there are edits on our statement that demand a time extension. Remember, all of our votes are through consensus. There is no “no” vote, only stand aside, abstain, or block. If the vote stalls over email, proposals will be continued at our next meeting.

1. Introductions, check-in, and agenda approval

We checked in on who was gonna be in town this summer. Many of us will be in town, mostly due to pandemic conditions. No additional agenda items were added.

2. Sharing

Many of us commented that we were unsure of where we were at, and we also noted that we were trying to figure out where to put our energies, especially with regard to organizing and effective action. We reflected on the passing of a year interrupted by COVID-19, and touched on our own rising and falling energies. We also noted the different ways in which we are working through our own identities and situating them among and with the current movement, especially as regards our own status in Eugene and in the United States.

3. Proposal – Rename the POC Caucus the BIPOC Caucus

We noted that there is no active Black people caucus, though there seems to have been in the past. All comments were in favor of renaming the caucus to the Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color caucus, as well as being open to renaming the caucus in general. It was mentioned that renaming the caucus is a small way to show solidarity with the current movement. We noted that we should primarily listen to our Black and Indigenous members with regard to the name. We noted that we should wait a week or otherwise see where the other members of the caucus are at regarding the name.

4. Proposal – Formally endorse the Black Student Collective’s list of demands (20 minutes, Ricardo)

We asked whether the Black Student Collective demands included removing the plaque on Susan Campbell Hall, and as it does not, we might consider adding the demand. Later in the meeting, we did note that we did not want to add additional demands beyond what the BSC requested. We discussed the meaning of police abolition and what incremental versus abrupt change means. Discussion was in favor of endorsing the BSC’s list of demands and standing in support of Black students on our campus.

5 and 6. Proposal – Release a statement of our own positions

The current draft of our statement is here. Add or suggest edits wherever you would like.

The remainder of our meeting revolved around discussion of our statement. Our statement consists of three parts: 1) an outline of our stance in support of Black people against prison and police, 2) a list of demands to the University of Oregon that essentially asks they meet the Black Student Collective’s demands, and 3) a list of demands to the GTFF that consist of asking them to disaffiliate from AFL-CIO, to center organizing work on dismantling UOPD, to file a grievance against the University of Oregon on the basis that the presence of UOPD creates unsafe and discriminatory working conditions, and that we provide material aid to local efforts to dismantle the police.

We noted that our language should include undocumented Black people and Black immigrants as particularly marginalized peoples. We brought up a documentary called Trial By Media: 41 Shots (currently on Netflix) on the killing of Guinean immigrant Amadou Diallo by NYPD officers in 1999. We discussed focusing our demands to the University on echoing the BSC’s demands in order to put our support on drawing attention to their demands. We also discussed listing particular community groups we stand in support of, like the Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color Liberation Collective (BLC).

Those present were in favor of all three sections of our statement, and one of us volunteered to translate our statement into Spanish for accessibility. We discussed taking our time to make sure we are all on board with our statement, and concluded with devising the voting procedure outlined at the beginning of these minutes.

Our checkout question concerned what we were making for dinner. The answers included burritos with salad, carnitas, leftover thai and Chinese food, and soon-to-be-spoiled greens.