Meeting Agenda: June 15th, 2020

Location: Zoomland / Time: 3-5pm / Length: 100 minutes

1. Introductions, check-in, and agenda approval (10 minutes)
2. Sharing (15 minutes)

Context: I want to propose dedicated time at our meetings to share ourselves and to speak to what we are feeling. I mean this in the most broadest sense. I want this to be a space to read poetry to each other, to scream uninterrupted, to share a meme, to vent about the week, and to cry.

3. Proposal – Rename the POC Caucus the BIPOC Caucus (20 minutes, Ricardo)

Context: At our inaugural November 20th, 2019 meeting, Audrey proposed renaming the caucus to the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) caucus in order to address “the multiplicity of the identities of marginalized people while also allowing it to remain a non white space.” When we discussed the item, we also noted that we wanted to draw attention to the hyper-visibility of Black people and the invisibility of Indigenous people. At the time, we said we would revisit the item and continue discussing. I am proposing now to officially rename the caucus the Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) caucus. I am embarrassed to say that I personally feel like I’m playing catch-up, but better to catch up now than to stay behind. 

4. Proposal – Formally endorse the Black Student Collective’s list of demands (20 minutes, Ricardo)

Context: The Black Student Collective is a new group that released a list of demands to the University of Oregon. You can see the demands here. The demands include renaming Deady Hall, removing the Pioneer statues, the library mural, allocating funds towards Black students, hiring more Black identifying faculty and staff, expanding the Black Studies program, funding for the Black Cultural Center, reforming the Board of Trustees, and cutting all ties with EPD and disarming UOPD. I am proposing that we release a statement endorsing their demands.

5. Proposal – Release a statement of our own positions (20 minutes, Ricardo)

Context: I want to use every tool at our disposal to support our own and fellow peoples. Our particular caucus is a possible avenue for that, but I’m all for finding the best place to throw our name and support. As the (BI)(POC) caucus in GTFF, we are a group at the intersection of race, labor, and education. We have power particularly in mobilizing union resources as well as the people we represent. I have thoughts on the limits of union organizing, especially with regard to police abolition. My proposal is to draft a statement together through the power of collaborative documents, and discuss making it official at our meeting. The link is here. Add or suggest edits wherever you would like.

6. Discussion – Filing a grievance against the University that alleges that the presence of UOPD constitutes unsafe working conditions (15 minutes, Ricardo)

Context: I plan to file a grievance against the University of Oregon through our grievance procedure as outlined in our contract. Grievances are filed by individuals, although the union as a whole may also file a grievance. I want to discuss what that entails, what strategies that opens up, and ways the grievance can be supported.