Meeting Minutes: January 17th, 2020

Section numbers will refer to item numbers in the meeting agenda, which you can find here.
Minutes are assembled by the chair from the notes taken at the meeting. See our shared Google Drive folder for the raw notes.

Present: Frank, Rosa, Mushira, Joel, Tamara, Emra, Pearl, and Ric.

Proxies: Abram

Note taker: Pearl

1. Introductions

The check-in question was provided by Frank, and asked what food would you be.

2. Proposal – approve caucus charter

There was some discussion and confusion about where we last left off on the charter and what the charter was, but upon reviewing it, we concluded it was ready to go and also contained the tools to modify it.

Discussion also focused on a second leadership position, as in a co-chair or secretary. The caucus was in favor of a second position, though not necessarily a co-chair. Since the charter contains a mechanism for creating additional positions, we felt satisfied with moving to vote to make our charter official. The vote passed with eight votes and one abstain.

3. Proposal – vote in chair

I neglected to give much context for this item and people were unable to properly proxy or prepare for its contents. The proposal was withdrawn and will be re-submitted soon. In the meantime, anyone who would like to chair the caucus should submit their interest to the interim chair.

4. Discussion – meeting with DEI Dean

Mushira, Emra, and Nino attended a meeting with the DEI (Director of Equity and Inclusion). They reported that the meeting was pleasant and that they felt listened to. Members felt that they’d be open to collaboration with her.

5. Proposal – protesting UO’s Coffee with a Cop

After some discussion of the proposal, Ric ultimately withdrew it. Discussion focused on both the magnitude of such a campaign as well as recognizing its importance. The sense of the caucus was to continue focusing on developing internally before taking on an endeavor that will be dangerous for our members.

5. Announcements; check-out
  • GTFF had a GMM on 1/17 and Ric gave a caucus report.
  • The caucus noted that Ric promised food and failed to deliver. There will be food at the next meeting.
  • CGE is celebrating their 20th anniversary on Friday, January 24th, from 5pm to 7pm. Boots Riley will be speaking at the event.
  • The caucus wants to hold a potluck soon.