Meeting Agenda: December 9th, 2019

Location: 217 Friendly Hall; Time: 12-2pm
1. Introductions, check-in, and agenda approval (10 minutes)
2. Proposal – approve caucus charter (10 minutes, Ricardo)

Context: Last week we discussed the caucus charter. The charter has been open for commenting and suggested edits since last meeting, and hopefully we’ve had time to review and make it official. Remember that if you can’t attend the meeting, you can vote through email proxy.

3. Proposal – meeting with Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Padma Akkaraju (20 minutes, Lola)

Context: The Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Graduate School, Padma Akkaraju, indicated she would like to meet with the caucus to learn more about it, as well as ways the Graduate School can support its members. We will discuss what concerns the caucus would like to be represented to Padma, and we will vote on whether or not to meet with Padma as well as whether we want to meet with her this year or next. That is, we will discuss whether members want to be present for the meeting or would prefer that their concerns are instead represented.

4. Discussion – Winter term 2020 plans and meeting patterns (30 minutes, Ricardo)

Context: We will discuss what we want to focus on and do with and through the caucus next term (and perhaps any last things we want to make happen this term). Possible topics can include events we want to hold, tasks we want people to take on, what ways we want to be represented/involved in GTFF at large, and ways we can support our members.

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