Meeting Agenda (November 20th, 2019)

Location: 201 Villard Hall; Time: 3-5:05pm
1. Introductions, check-in, and agenda approval (10 minutes)

[This agenda item will occur at every meeting. We will go around the room and say what we want to be called, our pronouns, and answer a short check-in question like “what’s your favorite vegetable?”]

2. Discussion – What does people of color mean to us? (Ricardo, 20 minutes)

[This agenda item will be about opening up space for us to talk about how we think about and experience race and ethnicity. We’ll proceed by going around the room one by one and allowing each person to speak about the concept “people of color,” what they think about it, and anything else they’d like to say. If you don’t feel like saying anything, you are free to pass.]

3. Report – Executive Board update (Tamara, 10 minutes)
4. Discussion – Caucus charter (Ricardo, 10 minutes)

[This agenda item will concern drafting an official caucus charter. The caucus charter will detail as specifically as possible what the organization is, including how it makes decisions, how it is run, how we vote, and how members participate in it fairly.

If you’re writing a proxy, please feel free to write down your feelings on the caucus charter. Here is a link to our charter. We will not be voting on a charter this week so that we have time to review and think about it].

5. Discussion – Caucus name (Audrey, 15 minutes)

[Audrey has proposed renaming the caucus to the BIPOC caucus. (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). Audrey writes: “I think historically it has worked to address the multiplicity of the identities of marginalized people while also allowing it to remain a non white space.” A proposal would follow at the following meeting after discussing how we feel.]

6. Discussion – Caucus statement (Ricardo, 10 minutes)

[I wanted to discuss assembling and releasing a statement as to the conditions that the caucus is responding to. I would like the statement to be collaborative, so please review it and write down any suggestions you have. The link is here.]

7. Discussion – Coordination with International and Asian/Pacific Islander Caucuses (Hyunsoo, 15 minutes)

[From Hyunsoo: Historically, the INTL GE and POC Caucuses had discussed having co-hosted events and support. But as far as I know, at least from 2017, almost no cooperative work has been done. Do we want to increase cooperation with INTL and API Caucus? If we want to, how do we want to do so? Movies? Fun events that support diverse members to come to union and grad community activities? Drafting equity and inclusion workshops or bylaw proposals together? ]

8. Discussion – AY Goals (Ricardo, 15 minutes)

[Our goals are listed on our website. They were a collaborative effort between some of us prior to the start of the caucus. I would like to collaborate and discuss coming together on goals we all want. Link is here.]

9. Discussion – Executive Council, GTFF and GMM (Ricardo, 20 minutes)

[At 5:30pm on the same day as our caucus meeting, the GTFF e-council will be meeting to discuss organizing around “international interests” and possibly having a GMM. I will be attending as your standing e-council representative, and I would like to open up space for union concerns you want to bring up and have me represent at the council].

Announcements and check-outs
  • Sunrise Eugene is having a walk to the courthouse for (presumably from campus) at 12pm on December 6th, 2019. They will hold a rally there at 1pm. The event is called “Climate Strike for our Future.” The designer of our buttons, Avery Temple, is an organizer for Sunrise Eugene and has supported our caucus before. We should aim to support them in kind.

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