Recap of 2019-11-10 brunch (Ric)

In attendance: Ricardo, Mushira, Nino, Tamara, Pearl

We had a lovely brunch meeting on Saturday morning in Straub Hall. The original room that Tamara booked wasn’t unlocked for us (thanks UO), so we met in a big classroom where we used all four flat screen TVs and a giant projector to post pics of my cat Peter.

We had no formal agenda, and began by peeling open the different foods we picked up on the way in: a tray of cheap crackers and cheese, a bowl of fruit, some tiny danish pastries, bright yellow cracker things whose name I forgot, a jug of Starbucks coffee from the store on campus, and little granola bites I got from the discount pastry aisle at Albertson’s.

We sat around our table of food and checked into the meeting by sharing our names and the last thing we did the night before, right before falling asleep. After that, we kicked around ideas, feelings, and experiences for the next four hours. Sidenote, four hours was a bit of a long time, but it turned out we had a lot to share.

Tamara brought up how she had hosted a department meeting on Wednesday. The question on many people’s minds concerned exactly what had been going on the last two weeks in the union, and the union’s Facebook page. Many asked what they can do now to help and get involved. We decided it’s our job to have a good answer to that for people.

Tamara also noted that our website is a good space to write, and we might think about inviting people to submit writing beyond the union. Our website has the possibility for hosting all matter of ideas and thoughts from beyond Eugene, Oregon.

Nino discussed the possibility of creating connections with other groups on campus, including the non-traditional student union and the Mills International Center. We discussed sharing labor on the work of creating connections, and perhaps creating point people to work with other organizations. As our caucus gets more members, we can begin to afford splitting up our work to get more done.

We discussed the ways in which we can raise and spend money. Part of our money might go towards caucus shirts, posts, and even a sandwich-board type sign to advertise our presence on campus.

Tamara brought up what kind of colors we want to put forward, and I noted that we should discuss that at an official meeting. Our image should be collaborative and signed-off on with an official vote! However, we also ended the meeting with a check-out question that asked what colors we liked for our caucus. Mushira brought up white and black, Nino brought up a rich burgundy, Tamara brought up the green of the Argentinian green of the campaign to legalize abortion, and Pearl brought up blues and greens.

We discussed how often we might hold meetings, and landed on perhaps a once a month meeting devoted to items that require votes, and twice a month meetings for discussion items.

I unfortunately took no pictures of our meeting, but I promise it was a pleasant affair. Hope to see y’all again soon.

-Ricardo Friaz

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