Attending Executive Board meetings

In the caucus, we’ve decided it would be a great idea to begin attending executive board (eboard) meetings. Eboard meetings are open to all members so anyone may attend. This term, they’re held on Wednesdays from 10am-12pm each week. We’ve sent Ellen (our president) an email to let her know we’ll be coming by.

While non-board members do not have a vote at board meetings, we realized it is still important to attend board meetings for the following reasons:

  • The board will feel more supported as the work they do in meetings can become more visible to the membership
  • Caucuses can represent their presence by putting in the effort to show up to meetings
  • Caucuses can be made aware of what’s happening at the board level and better plan for executive councils as well as their own direction
  • Caucus members can see what entails being a board member in order to feel more confident about running for a board position

The next board meeting is November 13th at 10am. Tamara and I will meet at the Starbucks on 13th and walk over together. I believe Survivor Support caucus, Worker’s Caucus, and International caucus are also working to send one of their members. Reach out and let us know if you want to walk over together by emailing

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